Dr Indramohan Singh

Educator, Coach and Youth Mentor

Dr. Indramohan Singh, who has made significant strides in the field of science education. With a remarkable background in teaching University students and tutoring high school and competitive examination students for more than a decade, Dr. Singh recognised the vital role of case studies and problem-solving skills in shaping students’ academic success and future careers.

Driven by his passion for science education, Dr. Singh firmly believes that fostering a deep understanding of concepts and honing problem-solving abilities are the cornerstones of achieving students’ full potential. He understands that memorisation alone is insufficient; students must learn to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, making a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

Dr. Singh’s teaching methodology centres around the principle of equipping students with the analytical skills needed to tackle complex challenges. By integrating case studies into the learning process, students engage in hands-on problem-solving exercises, enabling them to think critically and apply their theoretical knowledge to practical situations. Through these practical learning experiences, students are encouraged to analyse real-life scenarios, collaborate, and develop innovative solutions.

Dr. Singh’s dedication to evidence-based teaching practices ensures that students not only excel academically but also acquire the necessary skills and mindset for a rewarding career. His commitment to personalised tutoring allows each student to flourish, ensuring they have a clear vision of their goals and the path to achieve them.

Anika Thapliyal

Chemistry and Biology Tutor

Anika is a VIT registered secondary school teacher working as a part time teacher at a Victorian Secondary School.  She holds both a Bachelor degree in Microbiology and Masters degree in Biotechnology. 

Driven by a passion for nurturing budding scientists, Anika goes beyond traditional teaching methods. As a tutor, coach, and mentor, she tailors her approach to each student, delivering personalised and interactive lessons that cater to diverse learning styles. Anika’s commitment to student success is evident in her provision of invaluable feedback and study tips, ensuring effective exam preparation and academic growth.

With her extensive background in the science industry, Anika enriches classroom discussions with real-world examples and applications. Her firsthand knowledge not only deepens students’ understanding but also inspires them to explore the boundless possibilities within the realm of science. As a dedicated educator, Anika empowers her students to embrace challenges, pursue their passions, and chart a course towards a bright future in the sciences.

Dr Cameron Roy

VCE English Tutor

Dr Roy is a dedicated English tutor who holds a PhD (Anthropology) and a M.Ed.(Special Education and Teaching). With a passion for language and teaching, Cameron brings enthusiasm and expertise to every session.

As the Director of Studies (pre-VCE) at Beijing Foreign Studies University, Dr Roy spearheaded comprehensive English language education programs for Senior High students. Over four and a half years, he focused on teaching VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) English as an Additional Language (EAL) skills, covering a wide array of areas such as language and literature, film literacy, persuasive writing techniques, and speech preparation.

Beyond traditional classroom instruction, Dr Roy supervised various extracurricular activities, including ‘The Student News’ newspaper and the School Media Channel, fostering students’ social justice engagement. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in teacher training, mentoring university teacher practicum placements and delivering workshops to new teachers in China.

Parvinder Kaur Gill

VCE Mathematical Methods Tutor

In a career marked by diverse experiences across academia and industry, Parvinder has cultivated a flexible teaching style to meet the unique needs of their students. Her passion for mathematics fuels the dedication to instilling a similar enthusiasm in the learners, evident in Parvinder’s ability to tailor lessons for various learning preferences.

As a Teaching Specialist at the University of Melbourne, Parvinder contribute to the development of tutorial materials and ensure their relevance through practical applications. Her involvement in subject coordination underscores Parvinder’s commitment to fostering engaging learning environments.

In the previous role as a Lecturer at Sunway University, Parvinder demonstrated expertise in mathematics education by designing comprehensive course materials aligned with learning outcomes. Her collaborative approach with peers and parents ensured personalised study plans for student success.

Praghya Godavarthy

UCAT Tutor

Praghya is a second-year medical student enrolled at MAHSA University/Monash University. She holds both a Bachelor and an Honours degree in Biomedical Sciences from Monash University, specialising in research within the Department of General Practice. Praghya completed her VCE at Suzanne Cory High School in 2018, earning the “Duke of Edinburgh” Bronze award, and successfully qualified in the UMAT (now UCAT) exam with a remarkable 95th percentile score. Praghya has also achieved an impressive score of 67 (85th percentile) in her GAMSAT exam.

In her role as a tutor, coach, and mentor, Praghya skilfully guides students through prsonalised and interactive lessons, providing invaluable feedback and study tips for effective exam preparation. Her passion for medicine shines through as she motivates and inspires students to pursue their academic and career goals. Drawing from practical experience, Praghya’s role as a student volunteer at Alfred Health involved assisting patients with daily tasks, meals, and offering comfort, demonstrating effective communication with hospital staff.

Certified in CPR and equipped with a Working With Children Check, Praghya showcases a steadfast commitment to safety and professionalism. Eager to contribute to a dynamic and diverse team, Praghya aligns with values of compassion, excellence, and innovation.

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