About Eduprism

The core philosophy behind Eduprism’s educational approach lies in equipping students with the skills necessary to tackle complex problems and analyse real-life case studies effectively. The P.R.I.S.M. approach to education revolves around the fundamental belief that students must not only set clear goals but also possess a deep understanding of the strategies required to achieve those goals. Moreover, a consistent work ethic is deemed essential for success.

Eduprism’s coaching methodology is intricately designed around the P.R.I.S.M. method, which stands for Positivity, Resilience, Independence, Structured Learning, and Mastery of Concepts. This unique method emphasises the development of a positive and growth mindset, creating an immersive learning environment, mastering foundational concepts, and excelling in assessments. By instilling problem-solving techniques into their learning, Eduprism ensures that students gain practical knowledge and the ability to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios effectively.

Through the utilisation of problem-solving methodologies and an engaging approach, Eduprism enables middle and high school students, as well as those preparing for competitive examinations, to develop critical thinking skills, enhance their analytical abilities, and cultivate a proactive approach towards learning. By fostering a problem-solving mindset, Eduprism empowers students to become proficient in handling complex challenges, thereby nurturing their overall academic growth and success.

Why Choose Us?

Learn At Home

When learning from home, you don’t have to worry about commuting or finding parking, saving you time and money. This can be especially beneficial for students who live far away from their educational centres or in areas with limited transportation options.

Additionally, learning from home can create a more comfortable learning environment, as you can choose the setting that suits you best. You can choose a quiet room in your house, or a favourite spot in your garden or backyard. This can help reduce distractions and create a more relaxed atmosphere, which can enhance your ability to learn.

Moreover, learning from home also provides students with greater flexibility in terms of pacing and review. You can replay recorded classes if needed, allowing you to better absorb the material and reinforce your understanding. This can be particularly useful for students who need more time to process information or who struggle with certain subjects.


Online Tests and Assignments

Our online tests and assignments offer several advantages including greater flexibility as learners can take them at any time, provided they meet the deadline. This can be especially helpful for students with busy schedules or family commitments who may find it challenging to commit to a specific time to attend a scheduled test. It can also reduce stress and anxiety associated with trying to fit test-taking into an already busy schedule.

Additionally, online testing provides immediate feedback, enabling learners to quickly identify areas where they need improvement, and focus their study efforts more effectively.

Online tutoring platforms record the results of online tests, assignments, and quizzes. This data can be used by instructors to monitor a student’s progress and assess their learning outcomes. By having access to this information, instructors can personalise their teaching methods to better meet the needs of each student, ultimately resulting in better learning outcomes.


Real Time Discussions

Real-time discussions in online tutoring can be an effective way to enhance learning outcomes. These discussions allow students to ask questions and receive immediate feedback from their tutor, promoting active engagement and critical thinking. In addition, real-time discussions can encourage collaboration among students, enabling them to learn from one another and share different perspectives on the material being covered.

Furthermore, online tutoring platforms often offer features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, and interactive whiteboards, which can enhance the effectiveness of real-time discussions. For example, students can share their screen with their tutor to receive feedback on their work, or work collaboratively on a virtual whiteboard.

Overall, real-time discussions in online tutoring can provide a dynamic and interactive learning experience that can be tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each student.

Strong Community

Online tutoring can also help create a strong community of learners who may not have the opportunity to interact in traditional classroom settings. Through online discussion forums, virtual group projects, and other collaborative activities, learners can engage with peers from diverse backgrounds, share ideas and perspectives, and develop important social skills.

Moreover, online tutoring can foster a sense of inclusivity and accessibility, as learners who may have physical or logistical barriers to attending traditional classes can still participate in online learning. This can help promote equity and ensure that all learners have access to quality educational opportunities.

Expert Tutors

Our expert tutors have years of experience teaching in online environments, and they know how to help students learn and thrive in this setting. They are trained to use a range of tools and technologies to create engaging and interactive lessons that cater to different learning styles. Whether you’re struggling with a particular concept or just need extra support and guidance, our tutors can help. They provide personalised attention and feedback, and are available to answer questions and address concerns in real-time. Our tutors are also well-versed in creating a positive and encouraging learning environment, which can help boost students’ confidence and motivation. With our expert tutors by your side, you can be confident that you’re getting the support you need to achieve your academic goals.

Online Classes

Our online classes offer a wide range of resources and materials that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This can make learning more accessible to individuals who may not have the time or means to attend in-person classes. Online learning can enhance your digital literacy and computer skills, which are increasingly important in today’s technology-driven world. You can become proficient in using online tools and software, as well as gain experience collaborating and communicating with others in virtual environments.

Our Focus

As a tutoring and coaching platform, the focus of Eduprism is on providing high-quality educational services to students that help them achieve their academic and career goals. We provide a supportive learning environment that encourages students to ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate with their peers. We offer innovative teaching strategies and tools that make learning engaging, interactive, and fun. Overall our focus is to provide personalised high quality online learning experiences that cater to the unique needs and learning styles of each student.


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