NSW Office

81-83 Campbell Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

VIC Office

Lynbrook 3975 (VIC)

General Questions


How are classes conducted at Eduprism?

Our classes are conducted through a powerful virtual online/hybrid teaching platform, Pencil Spaces, that provides an interactive and collaborative environment for tutoring sessions.  With its versatile features, such as real-time drawing, amazing learning apps and annotation tools, Pencil Spaces offers an immersive platform for engaging and dynamic online lessons.

What teaching methods does Eduprism employ?

At Eduprism, we believe in a student-centric approach that emphasises active learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving. We use a variety of teaching methods, including hands-on activities, problem solving worksheets, timed tests to mimic actual exams, case studies, and group discussions.

Can I request personalised tutoring if needed?

Certainly! We deeply value the significance of individual attention at Eduprism. In all our group programs, personalised attention is a crucial aspect of our teaching approach. Our dedicated coaches are equipped to conduct individual concept check sessions, ensuring that we address each student’s specific learning needs with utmost care and focus.

Let’s Learn Together! 

We invite you to join us at Eduprism, where our passion for science education and commitment to student success will empower you to become accomplished individuals with a profound impact on the world.